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Business Development

Database Development
We adore data. We can work with any platform to build robust, scalable and stable data structures based on decades of experience with a commitment to best practices. We repair, restructure and upsize databases and out-of-control spreadsheets.
QuickBooks and
QuickBooks Point of Sale
After many years of building applications to work with data in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point of Sale, we have a well-stocked toolkit for rapidly solving the most complex problems. Integrate your legacy data systems with QuickBooks and reduce the amount of data entry. Consolidate data from multiple companies. Whatever your business data needs, we can make it work seamlessly with QuickBooks.
Microsoft Office
We've been working with Microsoft Office since its early days and are experts in training, customizing and programming the full range of Microsoft Office products. with particular expertise in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.
Custom Applications
Our software credentials reach back to the early 80s. With a focus on financial applications, we have a real-world approach to software development and are not easily blinded by "golden bullets" of the latest new thing. Instead, we know to keep our eye on the budget and the schedule and to give the customer what they need - not just what the developers think is cool.
We're bilingual - we're fluent in human speech as well as computer speak speak and serve as excellent translators so you can make the most of the tools you have.
We can assist you in getting the best equipment and software for your dollar. With experience and connections specific to IT procurement, we can save you money, time and headaches by doing your procurement work for you. We're familiar with most business software and can give informed advice on what your business needs while keeping the bottom line always in mind.
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