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Streamline your business and maintain your brand with custom templates and style sets. Go beyond mail-merge with smart document templates that integrate with your enterprise’s data.

Outlook & Exchange

These days it seems most of the workday is spent sending, reading, filtering and filing email. Outlook remains the most powerful email client and much of its robustness is present in its new online version, as well. With custom item templates, Outlook can become a smart, powerful, tailored CRM. Make data collection and form submission easy and standardized inside of Outlook. Keep the trains running on time with automated tasks and status monitoring. Get efficient with smart calendars and resource scheduling. Use customized journals to track billable hours, work performed, issue tracking and memoranda. Keep the team on the same page with RSS subscriptions. Integrate social media into Outlook.


Microsoft Project is the industry standard in project planning and management. Integrate it with Outlook for dynamic tasks, calendars and status updates.


Release Excel’s true power with data tables, PivotTable and PivotChart. Create a consistent brand with custom styles and templates. Save time with smart forms that enforce business rules and automate data entry into Access or other databases and systems.

We have designed, repaired and maintained highly complex Excel enterprise solutions for banks, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and a diverse array of businesses. With extensive knowledge of accounting methods and processes we build insightful financial analytics. Our cash-flow projection techniques give you’re the foresight to prepare for and avoid fiscal turbulence. Our job estimation templates have yielded big increases in profitability for sales teams.

See our case study SolarCraft – ERP, Meet Excel


Map the path to organization’s success with business and process analysis models and diagrams. Clearly define workflows, approvals and knowledge sharing in easily understood models.

We are long-time experts and advocates of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) in software development. This standard provides the same dimensionality to analysis, modeling and problem solving in real-world domains, as well.


In the 21st century, business is data.

Microsoft Access can do much more that you might think. We have built large-scale multi-user solutions for government agencies, political campaigns, nonprofits and various businesses using nothing but Access for data, business logic, user interfaces and reports. For bigger solutions, Access makes a great front-end for SQL Server, SharePoint, MySQL and other platforms.

Novice users build buggy brittle systems that make more chaos than they were meant to solve. We mastered relational and object-oriented data structures four decades ago and have built fast solid applications in Microsoft Access since it was first introduced.

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OneNote makes you smarter… or at least it can seem so when it is set up as your organization’s knowledgebase. Your notes, reference material, procedures and forms are kept synchronized across your devices and the cloud.


Make printed materials linked to your data.


Information is beautiful – and dynamic. Integrate live data and intelligence into presentations to create interactive dashboards.

Automate with
Custom Office

Get smart spreadsheets and documents with Microsoft .Net or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

VBA & .Net Automation

All of Microsoft Office supports automation through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as well as the much more robust Microsoft .Net Framework (C#, Visual Basic .Net, etc.) We’ve been there from the beginning with both technologies - from small action scripts and user-interface enhancements in a document template to large, complicated solutions that leverage the cumulative power of the whole Microsoft Office environment.

Office in the
Cloud and Powerful
Collaboration Tools

Get connected andsmarter with
Microsoft Office 365for Business.


We have been evangelists for Microsoft SharePoint for years to clients whose organization could afford hosting and maintaining a server. Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed all that with affordable options for any size organization to harness SharePoint’s power with SharePoint Online through Office 365.

Lists & Content Types

Get a grip on your business data with SharePoint lists and custom content types. SharePoint handles much of the dirty work of building custom online business solutions, so we can deliver affordable projects in record times.


Automating the tedious and repetitive tasks that burden your workday is fast and straightforward with SharePoint Workflows. Train SharePoint to respond to events such as changes to a list, emails, document uploads or changes and much more. These can trigger other events to spread like dominoes through your organization’s data.

Document Management

Share and manage files online using smart, customized document libraries. Set permissions on folders according to user roles and integrate standards such as required by HIPAA, ACA, SOX, etc.

Version Control

Maintain a history of the changes made to your documents using the same techniques used by professional software teams. Go back to a previous version of your Word document or see which member of your team changed the numbers the Excel workbook.


Put your data in your pocket with rapidly-built custom apps. Using PowerApps on Office 365 for Business, we can rapidly build live forms for phones or tablets used in the field or on the retail floor.

Office 365 for Business

Office 365 for Business is an affordable yet extremely powerful platform that integrates your desktop and tablet Office applications with fully-functional online versions as well as including SharePoint and much more. Even sole proprietors and tiny teams can now leverage the same powerful business tools used by large firms.


Create intelligent harmony between your apps and devices. We can make Flows that listen for events in one app or service and then trigger an action in another… We can train it to respond to a tweet by sending an email... or send a text message when an item is added to a list… or add an Outlook task when a document is uploaded to DropBox... The possibilities are endless with Flow.