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Software should be adapted to your business – not the other way around. To be dynamic and efficient, your business needs to make the most of modern technologies. Greeley Street leverages 35 years of development experience to provide software customization, database design and system automation creating a seamless flow between business applications.

In business as in life, self-knowledge is power. Many business owners lack a means to clearly visualize workflows and dependencies. Our experience in management and analysis means that we’re able to quickly understand your business needs and translate those into well-documented processes, the prerequisite of any successful automation project.


We build and improve relational and object-oriented databases as well as data warehouses and integrate them into external systems with migration and transformation routines. We also work with the full range of JSON and XML technologies including schema definitions and transformations.

We are expert in most common database management systems including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • SQLite
  • Oracle
  • Firebird
  • Postgre SQL
  • Microsoft FoxPro

Web Applications

It’s easier than you think to move your business into the cloud. We build custom web-based tools using rapid development techniques that get your information mobile, quickly.

We wrote our first commercial web-based application in 1998 using Java. Now our focus is ASP.Net Core and ASP.Net MVC, though we also support and manage other technologies. We’ve written custom applications for WordPress, osCommerce, nopCommerce, Sugar CRM and many more.


The best software solutions are based on well-built process models made before a single line of code is written. These same visualization and modeling techniques are used in Business Process Modeling to clarify the complex maps of authority and information flow throughout an organization. We are well versed in standards such as the Universal Modeling Language (UML) and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for clearly representing business structures and data flows.

Tailored to Fit

We extend and customize common applications to suit your business needs. We are specialists in [QuickBooks] and [Microsoft Office] automation and have created custom tools for large ERP systems like EpiCor, POS systems like QuickBooks Point of Sale and Fusion and many more.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, your company can save time and money by building on what’s already available such as the many excellent examples of open source software available today.

For many commercial products, we bridge the gaps or create seamless workarounds when software packages don’t jibe with your business’ workflow and data requirements. We can patch together extant and third-party systems so that information silos begin to share data and the walls are removed that keep your business data disconnected.



Microsoft .Net Framework
UML Modeling


JSON, XML, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, SQLIte, PostgrSQL



ASP.Net Core, ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net WebForms

JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js, Service Workers, Ajax


WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, NotNetNuke


osCommerce, nopCommerce, Woo Commerce

Microsoft Office

Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)


QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online (QBO), Xero, Wave, Thompson-Reeuters Creative Solutions

Intuit Lacerte, Intuit ProConnect, Intuit Link, Drake Tax


Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Epicor, SalesForce, Sugar